Therapy in Winter Haven With Anne Keating

I Am Here To Accompany You On Your Journey To Wellness

We all face obstacles in our lives and relationships. Some challenges are unavoidable; others are created or perpetuated by long-held patterns of thinking and behaving which helped to create and perpetuate the challenge.  However, all obstacles can be removed, managed, or even dissolved. Sometimes we just need a little help figuring out what will work for our unique needs.

It's easy to feel discouraged and on the verge of losing hope when life becomes too difficult. I am here to serve as a witness and guide. I want you to know that whatever challenges you are facing, whatever it is you are trying to resolve, and wherever it is that you want to end up, we can get there. Whether you’re just starting your healing journey or you have been trying to feel better for months or years, I'll be right by your side, offering the support, understanding and guidance you need on the path to recovery.

If you’re looking for therapy in Winter Haven, I offer a variety of specialties, including:

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  • Trauma Treatment

  • Depression Treatment

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Help for Co-Dependency

  • Life Transitions

  • Family Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • Teen Therapy

My work inspires optimism and healing. I am right here when you're ready to take the first steps towards overcoming the obstacles in your personal life and relationships. And it starts with compassionate, personalized therapy that’s right for you.

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My personal mission is to live intentionally; honoring those I have the privilege of encountering, illuminate hope and facilitate in identifying problems, then join in their search for solutions, and commence the journey of healing, so those I serve can lead a more fulfilling life. I am trained in addictions counseling. I am also certified in treating people who have experienced and suffer from traumatic experiences. I help clients identify their most significant issues on which to focus the treatment process. We select an effective treatment plan to resolve those problems.


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