Anxiety Counseling

Do Your Worries Keep You Up At Night?

Worried at night anne keating

Are you tossing and turning at night with worrisome thoughts of "what if"? Does negative self-talk fill you with a sense of hopelessness and dread? Are you looking for a way to unwind and relax at night, as well as calm yourself in the morning, so you can face the day with confidence? Do you have issues with feeling anxious all the time or often feel overwhelmed—sometimes to the extent that even simple tasks seem mountainous?

If you're reading this, it's possible that you are experiencing fear, doubt, loneliness—even symptoms of depression. It could be that you are a survivor of previous trauma and have a hard time separating the past from the way you perceive the present. It's also possible that you’ve previously experienced a debilitating panic attack and the fear of another one prevents you from engaging in social situations or activities that you once enjoyed.

There are myriad causes of anxiety, but what matters is alleviating the symptoms you are feeling. Perhaps you want to find new healthy ways to address whatever is causing or contributing to your feelings and sensations of anxiety.

It may be that all you want is to feel peaceful and happy, but anxiety is getting in the way. Maybe you feel it's time to find a way to truly take care of yourself, whether it's through proper skills and strategies or by shifting negative thoughts into positive ones.

Although you may not be able to change what causes anxiety, you can change the way you respond to your anxiety so that its impact lessens and becomes more manageable.

Would you like to work with a skilled therapist who can provide you hope and help you restore a sense of normalcy, control, and well-being in your life?

If You Have A Difficult Time Managing Anxiety, You're Not Alone

Anxiety is a state that can be beneficial in the natural world to protect us from hazards and dangers. However, with the heightened stress so many of us experience every day as we work, take care of loved ones, get from point A to point B in this busy world, and encounter other stressful activities and events, anxiety can work against you.

Unfortunately, that kind of anxiety is very common in modern life.  Life today is filled with many stressors that can contribute to anxiety. The need to perform well at work, the expectation to be successful in your relationships, and the sheer stress of trying to manage it all can create overwhelming stress that can contribute or lead to anxiety.

Moreover, like many people, you may have a genetic susceptibility to anxiety, whether generalized, performance, or social anxiety, especially if you have a history of anxiety or depression in your family. Co-occurring conditions, such as depression, grief and loss issues, and trauma can also generate the thoughts and sensations you are feeling.

It’s important to understand that if you are suffering from anxiety, it is not a failing on your part—and learning how to cope with anxiety can be difficult for anyone. Believe me when I tell you that you likely know people who suffer from anxiety just as you do, but are unaware of their silent struggle. It's not just you, it’s all around us.

However, just because it's common doesn't mean you should be expected to live with it without seeking assistance. With my help, you can cognitively improve your thought processes to lessen anxiety, as well as make mental and practical decisions to lessen the presence of anxiety and causes of anxiety in your life.

Holding hands there is help

There Is Help, And Hope, With Anxiety Counseling

Therapy provides you with a compassionate and non-judgmental space in which to create a personalized treatment plan that speaks directly to how anxiety is interrupting your life.  If you are seeking a real change that runs deep, we can devise a plan together that incorporates multiple aspects of your life to create a comprehensive healing strategy.

In a space of understanding and respect, we will gently explore how anxiety is preventing you from experiencing life to the fullest. We will look at some of the stressors in your life, both big and small, and develop strategies for managing or overcoming these challenges. As I help you identify what's working and not working in your anxiety treatment, we modify our approach to target specific areas that are causing you stress, such as changing jobs, relocating, or managing transitions in relationships.

I would describe my approach as comprehensive and solution-focused. Anxiety therapy requires different elements tailored to the individual. This can include DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) which I am happy to describe during our consultation), CBT ( cognitive behavior therapy) which helps identify mistaken beliefs and self-talk, distorted thoughts and work on changing them to more realistic and positive ones, the teaching of self-care techniques, such as changing nutritional habits or adopting a medication practice, as well as instruction in grounding techniques and crisis management for times when you start to feel anxiety is taking over.

I am a believer that social media and dependence on being "plugged-in" to devices can exacerbate anxiety and I will work with you if you feel this is an area you want to concentrate on. A lot of my approach really just helps you see simple corrections and establish healthy rituals to ease your anxiety and increase well-being.

As your therapist, I would never expect you to change who you are; instead, let's look at your personality traits and inherent strengths and see how we can make those elements work for you. Together we will strategize and tease out solutions that fit with your personality and lifestyle so you can transition into a happier, anxiety-free state of being. Working collaboratively will ensure a better outcome as you make this investment in your happiness and peace of mind.

You May Have Doubts About Anxiety Counseling...

you may have doubts about counseling anne keating

Aren't symptoms of anxiety just a thing people have to learn to live with?

As I stated before, there is a "normal" range of anxiety that serves everyone in the animal kingdom, including people. It's when it goes into overdrive and works against your well-being, rather than protecting you, that it needs to be resolved. With my comprehensive approach to finding an individualized solution, you will be on your way to feeling a sense of normalcy and calm all day.


I barely have time to run errands much less seek anxiety therapy.

Although anxiety therapy is a process that does require an investment of your time, I would recommend reaching out. Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, for example, actually wastes time because sufferers are more likely to fall ill or need sick days or even feel debilitated. Taking the time to get to the root of your anxiety and resolve will energize you so you can fill your day with tasks and responsibilities with a new sense of joy, liveliness, and purpose.


What if I go to all this trouble and anxiety counseling doesn't work?

I am an experienced and caring therapist who has a strong track record for improving the outcomes of people who seek help for anxiety. My approach is really collaborative so you know what is happening even step of the way, and I look at you as a whole person as we work together, so your treatment is holistic and individual. I want to assure you that with your willingness and commitment to working with me,  you will be rewarded.


What To Do If You Think You Have Anxiety

If you are ready to make a dramatic change in your state of being and are tired of anxiety being too much, I can help you decide if anxiety therapy is right for you. You can reach me for a consultation at (863)206-2692 or contact me through this website. I look forward to successfully meeting this challenge with you.

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